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Solar Automated Permit Processing (SolarAPP): Reducing the Cost of Residential Solar

With passage of CEJA and the Inflation Reduction Act, all lights are green for clean energy! Solar adoption is expected to accelerate 3 to 5 times faster than past trends. While exciting, this acceleration to the clean energy economy poses unintended consequences for municipalities, installers and homeowners as new permit applications are filling queues for already busy building departments. These delays add direct and indirect costs to home and small business owners, solar companies, and municipal permitting teams while simultaneously slowing solar installations.

There is an easy solution! SolarAPP+, an online permit automation system, which is free to municipalities, will save time, money and valuable resources without compromising expert reviews. Under SolarAPP+, plan review is fully automated, and costly manhours for a building department are eliminated while ensuring technical accuracy and public safety. Permits are issued immediately after an installer has accurately entered system design details, shaving weeks off the construction timeline.

Developed with input from the International Code Council (ICC), UL, municipal permitting departments, and the solar energy contractor community, SolarAPP+ delivers the highest safety standards:

  • Uses standardized compliance checks to catch technical errors, typos, and site details and returns corrections to the applicant instantly.
  • Streamlines eligible rooftop solar applications for instant approval, while ineligible projects flow through a typical permitting review.
  • Produces a project specific inspection checklist for inspectors to verify code compliance and work accuracy and quality.

For more information about SolarAPP+, contact:

Lisa Albrecht

IL SolarAPP Outreach Coordinator




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