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Solar Ambassadors

The mission of the Solar Ambassadors is to increase public understanding, support, and use of solar energy technologies

Who are Solar Ambassadors?

Solar Ambassadors are individual ISEA members that are solar energy advocates. Many have a solar electric or hot water system on their residence or small business. They are proactively engaged with public and policy makers to increase awareness, understanding, support, and use of renewable energy technologies.

What do Solar Ambassadors do?

Solar energy users are the best spokespersons for solar energy and their goal is simple – to help others bring solar power into their lives. Solar Ambassadors are ISEA volunteers, whose role is simply to educate others. They work to:

  • Inspire others with their enthusiasm for solar by communicating the benefits of transitioning from traditional fuels to clean renewables, especially solar. Discuss solar system ownership with the public.
  • Host Solar Socials and participate in the ISEA annual Solar Tour at their home or small business. These open house events allow others to view and learn about the Solar Ambassadors experience living with renewable energy.
  • Present ISEA’s “Powering Your Home with the Sun” to local community groups such as environmental organizations, garden clubs, rotary meetings, farmer's markets, and local libraries. Solar Ambassadors enjoy presenting to any group that would like to learn the basics of solar energy and/or how they too can be sun powered.
  • Assist ISEA organization in staffing local public events, volunteering at relevant events such as Earth Day and appropriate civic functions. 
  • Demonstrate how solar works using various tools, including the Solar House and one of our Solar Suitcases.

Meet our Solar Ambassadors and Tour their Installations:

To find a solar ambassador in your area and learn more about their solar installation, click here.

Requesting a presentation from a Solar Ambassador:

If your organization has interest in a presentation from a Solar Ambassador, please fill out this form. If you are interested in working with a Solar Ambassador to create a presentation or event, please email

If you have a solar installation and want to let others know how exciting it is to be solar powered, become a Solar Ambassador!  

Fill out our form and email

What are the benefits?

  1. Authorized to use the title of “ISEA Solar Ambassador”

  2. Listing of name on Solar Ambassador page on ISEA website

  3. Personal “solar” story on website (if so desired)

  4. Personal satisfaction of making the world a better place for future generations!



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