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2018 FEJA Implementation

1) Ongoing – ICC workshop on DG Valuation and Compensation

2) April 3, 2018 – ICC Approval/Modification of Long-Term Renewable Resources Procurement Plan. The final order can be downloaded here.

3) Spring 2018-no later than Fall 2018 – ICC Proceedings to approve DG Rebate tariffs for Ameren and ComEd

4) May 2, 2018 – Results of 2nd New Solar procurement event approved (utility-scale/brownfield solar)

5) May 15, 2018 (approx.) – Program Administrator in place for Adjustable Block Program

6) June 2, 2018 – Final REC prices available for Adjustable Block and Illinois Solar for All Programs

7) June 15, 2018 (approx.) – Program Administrator in place for Illinois Solar for All Program

8) Late Spring-Early Fall 2018 – Development of Adjustable Block and Illinois Solar for All Program details, potentially including but not limited to:

  • Full development of consumer protection requirements (with stakeholders)
  • Alternative proposals around the transition between blocks
  • Troubleshooting interconnection challenges
  • Developing Illinois Solar for All Evaluation criteria (with stakeholders)

9) Summer 2018 – First subsequent procurement for utility-scale wind

10) Summer 2018 – Brownfield photovoltaic procurement

11) Summer 2018 – Job training programs first cohorts up and running (estimate)

12) Fall 2018 – Adjustable Block Program Open

13) Fall 2018/Winter 2018-19 – Illinois Solar for All Program Open

*Dates are estimates/approximate and may be subject to delay.

For a general idea of how the two-year cycle works, see the chart below:



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