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Illinois Solar Industry Data


Solar Foundation 2020 Data

The U.S. solar industry employed 231,474 workers in 2020, a 6.7% drop from 2019 due to pandemic restrictions and increased labor productivity, according to the National Solar Jobs Census 2020 we released today with the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC), and BW Research.  

This is the 11th annual Solar Jobs Census released by The Solar Foundation, which has tracked the state of the solar workforce amid the industry's dramatic expansion over the past decade. This year, the drop in jobs was largely split evenly among states as many companies have not yet reached pre-pandemic employment levels. Labor productivity also increased in all three market segments, up 19% in the residential sector, 2% in the non-residential sector and 32% in the utility-scale sector. 

Notably, the report shows an increase in solar workforce diversity across nearly every demographic category. Representation among women and minority demographic groups has improved significantly since 2015, including a 39% increase for women, 92% increase for Hispanic or Latino workers, 18% increase for Asian American and Pacific Islander workers, and a 73% increase for Black or African American workers. 

Illinois numbers: 

  • Solar Jobs: 5,259 (ranks #13)
  • Solar Jobs Per Capita: 1:2,438 (ranks #33)
  • Installed Solar Capacity: 465.39 MW (ranks #25)
  • Solar Jobs Added Since 2012: 3,559 (ranks #12)

  • Solar Job Growth, 2012-2020: 209% (ranks #21)

The full report with charts, an interactive map, and links to previous reports can be found at SolarJobsCensus.org.

If interested in how the clean energy markets in Illinois have changed over the years, watch this recorded webinar from the ELPC!

E2 has developed an interactive map to track clean energy's economic impact on Illinois!

Website with statistics, maps, and technical data about energy.  Shows where IL energy is derived, locations and names of power plants, and much more.



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