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Karen Roothaan

Karen Roothaan - Chicago, IL

Solar and Green Efforts:
  • Photovoltaic (PV) System
  • Solar Thermal

System Details:

My PV system is 1.44 kW (4 panels) and supplies about 1700 kWh per year, about 20% of my electricity. I am grid-tied in Chicago and the system has been up since 2018. My thermal panels have been in place since 2003 and supply hot water to my gas water heater, so basically preheat the water that gets further heated by gas.

What made you go solar?

I decided to go solar to help the environment but it has also reduced my bills.

What tips do you have for others that want to go solar?

Don't think you have to go 100% or nothing. Do what you can and help others start on the path as well.

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