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Mark Weitekamper

Mark Weitekamper - Chicago, IL

System Details and Green Efforts:
  • 2.47 KWH - 9 panels with individual inverters installed April 2015, to date production is 2 MWh
  • Energy Star rated home was air sealed and spray foam insulated through Energy Impact Illinois program.
  • Electric Vehicle and a plug in hybrid vehicle
  • Rain water diverted to garden use, all garden and vegetable waste is composted on site.

Personal Story, Why did you go Solar?

Plan for the future, reduce coal produced energy use, set example for the neighborhood. Goal is to offset % electric use. Green LEED certified contractor and realtor.

What tips do you have for someone considering or moving forward with a solar installation?

It's easier than you think! Great incentive at the time made it possible for us, the price has dropped by half in the last 5 years, Uncertainties with energy companies make it attractive also

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