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Rick Hannah

Rick Hannah - Urbana, IL

Solar and Green Efforts:

PV - 48 ground mounted panels, 24KW, installed 04/10/12, 16,000 plus KWH production

4 ton Geothermal heat pump

ICF envelope of 2550 sq ft plus temperature controlled basement of 2550 sq ft.

What made you go solar?

Going to Solar Tours on and off for about 6 years talking to other owners proved to me the true benefits of PV in East Central Illinois. I needed to eliminate the salesman data. I needed true data that the Solar Tour owner gave me.

What tips do you have for others that want to go solar?

Talk to as many current owners as possible. Their stories will vary with their different power needs, wether they are served by a public utility or a Cooperative electric provider, the current incentives at the time they installed their system, roof space and orientation, lot sizes and shaded space.

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