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ISEA Board of Director Position Description

26 Nov 2014 10:13 AM | Anonymous





The Illinois Solar Energy Association (ISEA) is a 501-c-3 organization established on April 30, 1979. The ISEA currently has a thirteen (13) member Board of Directors (BOD) of whom four Directors serve as Officers - President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Officers are elected for one-year terms by the Board of Directors.


The education and advocacy of solar, wind and other forms of renewable energy to the people of Illinois.



As representatives of the membership of ISEA, the Board of Directors (Board) is the primary force advancing ISEA's fulfillment of service to its membership, to ISEA as a single entity, and to the nonprofit community at large.


Directors bring a diversity of talents and capabilities to the ISEA, as well as a passion to materially fulfill its mission.

ISEA is seeking Directors who represent various aspects of the solar, wind and other renewable energy fields, as well as individuals in potentially impacted industries, such as legal, finance, education, environment, real estate, and manufacturing.  Candidates should have innate leadership, management, and well- developed interpersonal skills, as well as patience and good humor, and be able to participate in and sustain collaborative group efforts.

Election candidates must be ISEA members to be eligible for a Director position.  The Candidate can be an Individual, Senior/Student or Family Member or part of a Business Member category.  


ISEA Directors are expected to lend their knowledge, skills and abilities to assist ISEA in executing its mission through fundraising, advocacy, education, marketing and related activities. Fundraising, through direct or leverage actions, is key to the continued growth and success of ISEA. The role of each Director is to serve a two-year term by leading, advising, and supporting the activities of ISEA.  Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Attend all Board meetings prepared to further the success of ISEA and to support the ISEA’s mission and goals.
  • Monitor and mentor standing Committees as assigned and on an as-needed basis providing advice, encouragement and voice for the Committee to the Board.
  • Identify and nominate candidates for vacant Board positions.
  • Accept special assignments designated by the President.
  • Remain current on the activities of ISEA by following its publications (includes electronic, print and virtual), issues and interests.
  • Remain current on issues affecting the non-profit sector as it relates to the mission of the Association, its members and community at large.
  • Inform the Board and remain proactive to assist ISEA with supporting its members and enhancing its funding sources.
  • Act as a role model, change agent and professional exemplar.



1. Planning

  • Approve ISEA’s mission and review management (Board & ED) performance in achieving it. 
  • Annually review and approve the ISEA strategic plan and budget.

2. Organization

  • Work with the Executive Director to create a strategic direction for the Association and to set short and long term goals.
  • Ensure management continuity is properly provided.
  • Approve appropriate compensation and benefit policies and practices.
  • Identify candidates and determine the eligibility of candidates for the nomination of officers and directors.
  • Actively participate in Board meetings and on Committee assignments.
  • Support sponsoring donor and community-building events as designated by the Board.
  • Identify potential funding sources and serve as an ambassador to secure organizational funding.
  • Annually evaluate the performance of staff and determine any bonus awards or increases in salary.
  • Be an active member of both ISEA and American Solar Energy Society (ASES).
  • Annually review the performance of the Board and take steps (including recommendation for its composition, organization, and responsibilities) to improve its performance.

3. Operations

  • Review results achieved by management in comparison to ISEA’s mission, program plans, and strategic plan, as well as similar metrics for like organizations.
  • Ascertain that the financial structure of the ISEA is adequate for its current needs and the implementation of the strategic plan by approving an annual budget.
  • Provide advice, comments, and direction to the members of the Board and Executive Director.
  • Approve major actions of ISEA, such as capital expenditures on all projects over authorized limits and major changes in programs, services, office location, etc.
  • Review monthly and annual financial results for the organization and ensure, through the oversight of the Finance Committee, that reports are accurate and in accordance with accepted accounting principles.


Board members serve a two-year term.  In-person BOD meetings occur monthly for two hours in the evening.  Members will be required to travel to in-person meetings and efforts will be made to hold meetings in an equally-agreeable location to limit travel as much as possible.  Conference call meetings are also occasionally hosted. Additional meetings (i.e committee, or special circumstance) may be scheduled with advance notice. 


There will be four Director positions open for re-election. These Directors will serve two years - 2015 and 2016.  Candidates are requested to submit their candidacy announcement in an email to contactisea@illinoissolar.org to the attention of David Brochu, ISEA Board Secretary.  In the email response please state the candidate’s name, affiliation (if any) and contact information, as well as a maximum of 125 words supporting her/his bid for candidacy.  Electronic submissions of candidacy will be accepted until 12 PM, local time on December 10, 2014.

Candidates will also have the opportunity to announce their candidacy during the ISEA Annual Membership Meeting, which will take place on Saturday December 10, 2014, 6 PM,  Emmett’s Brewing Company in Palatine, IL, 110 N Brockway St, Palatine, IL 60067.  Such candidates may also wish to prepare a written statement of their candidacy so that ISEA may publish it for voters' benefit during the election.  Nominations in person will be accepted until the close of the meeting.  



Voting will occur by electronic ballot and emailed on December 16, 2014 to all ISEA members in current good standing as of Dec. 10, 2014.  Responses will be due by 12 noon on December 23, 2014 in order to be counted.  Votes will be tallied, elected persons privately notified, and results publicized on the ISEA website prior to the January 2015 ISEA Board of Directors meeting.



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