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DCEO Announces FY2014 Large Distributed Solar and Wind Grant Program -

11 Sep 2013 5:39 PM | Lesley McCain (Administrator)


DCEO is releasing a Request for Application for the FY 2014 Large-Distributed Solar and Wind Grant Program (was previously called the Community Solar and Wind Grant Program) on Monday, September 16th.


This RFA is a competitive solicitation, with applications due to DCEO on or before 4:30 p.m. on November 7, 2013.  Program guidelines and application forms will be available from the Illinois Energy Office’s website at http://www.illinoisbiz.biz/dceo/Bureaus/Energy_Recycling/Energy/Clean+Energy/01a-Community+Solar.htm on September 16th.


The focus of the Large-Distributed Solar and Wind Energy Grant Program is to support the development and implementation of distributed community and commercial-scale solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, and wind energy technologies in Illinois. 

Proposed solar photovoltaic projects are eligible for grants up to 25 percent of eligible project costs for business entities and 40 percent for local government and non-profit entities.  Solar thermal and wind energy projects are eligible for grants up to 30 percent of eligible project costs for business entities and 40 percent for local government and non-profit entities. The maximum grant award is $250,000.    Eligibility is limited to project costs for the purchase and installation of solar and wind generation equipment, and related metering components as appropriate.  Total funding for the program is a minimum of $1.75 million for Fiscal Year 2014. 


Here are some key changes we are making to the grant program from last year:

  • Incentives for business will be $1.25 per watt (instead of $1.50) or 25% of project cost, whichever is less. Maximum grant will still be $250,000.
    We added language in section 8.2.8 to require any project that is completed after December 31, 2013 must be completed by a certified distributed energy installer (as will be required by Illinois Commerce Commission rules)
    In Section 8.3 we added more program information of details that will be in the grant agreement
    In section 8.4.3 we included language that makes it clear that any applicant that is a current or previous grantee of the Department and was/is delinquent in its compliance with grant provisions shall have such delinquency included as one of the application evaluation criteria for this current application
    In Appendix A (Documentation Requirements outline) we now request that applicants provide a payback analysis.



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