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Why Solar Car Races exist

01 Jul 2010 12:33 PM | Deleted user
Solar car races have existed for a number of years, with many such as the “American Solar Challenge” that runs a 1,100 mile course from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma to Naperville, Illinois having gone on for roughly 20 years now.

These races have even become so well known in many media cultures to have become the focus of some movies, such as the 1996 comedy-drama “Race the Sun”.

Beyond simply being an interesting pastime, however, these races have a very real benefit to many alternative energy industry personnel and have played an active role in helping to shape the modern solar power industry.

Focusing on the most efficient and effective usage of energy possible from solar photovoltaic cells available today, solar car participants must use their engineering skills to develop a vehicle that is both light weight and energy efficient enough to allow them to achieve both speed and endurance into a small craft to make the substantial run between cities. (more)



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