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Ann Schreifels

Ann Schreifels - East Peoria, IL

System Details and Green Efforts:

We have a 15.6kW ground mount system installed in 2016. We are adding 5.11kW rooftop system and 4 Tesla Powerwalls in 2022 (Feb/Mar). With the additional panels and batteries, we hope to offset our entire electrical usage - and for the most part, use our own electrons.

In addition to the solar power, we are 100% electric. Our heat and A/C is through geothermal and we have a heat pump water heater. The clothes dryer is gas, but we haven't used in in the last two years -- air drying instead.

We switched entirely to LED lights and followed the instructions after a home energy audit by adding more insulation.

We have landscaped with native plants and minimized the area that needs to be mowed. Our lawn mower and all outdoor equipment is battery powered.

We drive an electric car and are weighing options for the best EV replacement for our ICE pickup.

Personal Story:

We chose solar power as a way to minimize our dependence on fossil fuels. The fact that it's cost effective is a bonus.

What tips do you have for someone who might be considering moving forward with solar installation?

Talk to people who have solar to learn what they've learned. Then talk to several solar installers to get ideas for your site.



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