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Richard Ellerbrake

Richard Ellerbrake - Lebanon, IL

System Details:

  • Solar PV, 24.65kw
  • Installed in 2016
  • 85 ground-mounted panels
  • Provides almost 100% electric
  • 6 geothermal wells for heat/ac
  • Roof mounted panels for hot water 
  • Hybrid vehicle

What tips do you have for someone considering or moving forward with a solar installation?

  • Check out several companies, and seek references from those who have installed solar by asking users who their contractors were (be cautious of asking dealers for references)
  • Check with CUB for any current info they have
  • Check with your tax preparer for impact in your taxes
  • Talk with ISEA

Personal Story:

I have long been in favor of conservative measures, home self-sufficiency, and growing your own food. I have been engaged in this at Old Enterprise Farms for 48 years now.



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