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Pat And Terry Dieckhoff

Pat and Terry Dieckhoff - Crystal Lake, IL

System Details:

  • 2.5 kWh Solar PV system - 10 panels
  • 10 microinverters
  • Installed June 14, 2014
  • Produced average per day: 7.1 kWh
  • Home energy use average per day: 9-10 kWh
  • Supplies approx. 3/4 of energy use to date
  • Energy efficiency efforts: 96% efficient furnace, energy assessment, added air sealing and more insulation, most lighting is LED.
  • NEW: 6 new panels installed in 2023!

What tips do you have for someone considering or moving forward with a solar installation?

  • Research solar installations on homes. Check with the Illinois Solar Energy Association, the Midwest Renewable Energy Association and go visit some installations.
  • Check your local regulations/ordinances regarding solar installations.
  • Research and find reputable solar installers and qualified electricians.
  • Develop list of questions for installers.
  • Meet with at least two installers and get free estimate of costs for installation and services that are included.
  • Find out the rebates and tax credits that are available.

Personal Story:

We want to be better stewards of our planet. We are concerned about climate change and want to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and nuclear power. We don't want our granddaughter to have to live on a planet that is growing hotter every day or for others to suffer from lack of clean water or to suffer from massive flooding or other weather events. And as an added bonus, we like that we are able to reduce our energy costs and increase the value of our home.



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