Educational Videos


Solar Energy Basics


Solar Thermal 


An explanation of utility scale solar thermal from the United States Department of Energy.



Solar PV 


An explanation of Photovoltaics from the United States Department of Energy.





Installation of a Solar System


Debbie Insana, ISEA member and RECAP participant explains the solar installation and purchasing process.



 ISEA business member, explains the process of solar installation.





Installation Examples




Exelon Solar City, Solar Power Plant in South Chicago





Jim & Kath Camasto from Naperville, Illinois discuss their solar electricity and solar thermal arrays.


ISEA Business member, Earth Wind and Solar Energy, installed a 2.16 kW solar photovoltaic array and a 1 kW vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) for Annette Britton.




Photovoltaic Safety for Firefighters


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