Site Assessment


Before any installation can be made a site assessment must be completed. This site assessment will

performed by the solar installer prior to installation, but site assessments are also offered by
trained, impartial

third parties. Illinois Solar Energy Association will soon be one of the third parties offering solar site assessments



Process of Site Assessment

  • A Solar Site Assessment consists of several steps.
    1. Energy Use Inspection
      • Methods of increasing the home or buildings energy efficiency are identified.  
      • Completion of an analysis of the building or home energy load.            
    2. Solar System Analysis
      • Site assessment tools are used to determine available solar resource.
      • The potential size of the solar array is determined.
      • Locations for placement of the solar system are identified.
    3. Cost
      • The assessor will provide a cost estimate which is typically based on estimated energy production.
      • The assessor will typically provide information on funding opportunities like grants/rebates/tax credits, and return on investment information.

Homeowner/Building Owner Site Assessment Tips

  • It is important to consider cost but also keep in mind that the cheapest install may not always be the best.      
  • Have multiple parties complete site assessments to determine which installer fits the best with your goals.
  • After receiving the site assessment, have
    multiple parties complete site
    to determine which installer
    best meets your goals.
  • Some third party assessors may suggest installers, this suggestion may be beneficial but it is important to complete your own research on installers as well.




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