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Re: Support clean energy in Illinois


Dear Representative ________ / Senator _____________,


I would like to introduce myself as a small business in your district.  We specialize in the installation of solar energy (other if applicable) and have been serving community area businesses and residents since XXXX. To date we have installed X# of solar electric systems in the region and continue to grow and expand our business.


Collectively, the solar arrays total __kW’s and produce about __kWh annually!  These systems will not only reduce home owner utility bills and provide them with energy independence but will also reduce the pollution impacts of conventional electricity by avoiding __ pounds of CO2 and other toxins each year. 


I currently employ xx individuals and am optimistically watching the market to potentially expand my business and hire more in the future.


As you may know, the State of Illinois has several programs that have been vital to our success and had a positive impact on our small business and local employees.  We ask that you continue to support solar initiatives as they come up in the legislative process.  It has been proven across the country that states with positive solar policies generate the highest investments, typically keep that capital in the state and are the largest employers in this $13 billion market*. 


One bill currently in review is the fix for the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), SB103/HB2864.  Sponsored by Sen. Frerichs and Rep. Mautino, this legislation would fix an unforeseen consequence of community aggregation on the RPS and jumpstart billions of dollars of clean energy development in Illinois. This fix would not add costs to rate payers, would preserve consumer protections and would keep rate caps in place.


The bill is likely to come up for a vote soon.  As a constituent and an Illinois voter, I strongly urge you to vote YES on this bill and support clean energy in Illinois.







* http://www.seia.org/research-resources/solar-market-insight-report-2013-year-review

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