Fixing the Illinois Renewable Portfolio Standard

The Illinois Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) - a policy that ensures 25% of Illinois energy will be from clean sources by 2025 - is broken.  Due to an unanticipated glitch caused by mass community aggregation (towns opting to leave ComEd/Ameren for alternate suppliers), and the program is no longer achieving the desired goals.


Language regarding how the RPS is executed needs to be fixed so the distributed generation and the solar carve outs can be implemented to grow solar development in Illinois. This directly affects the Illinois Solar Renewable Energy Certificate market. 

Take Action

Take the below action steps to ensure that the Illinois RPS functions as originally intended. Let your representatives know that you support SB103/HB2864. These steps are listed in order of impact on your legislator.



Schedule an in-person meeting with your legislators either in district or Springfield.

Let us know if you would like ISEA to assist you with scheduling a meeting or attend with you.



There were two great opportunities to go to Springfield to lobby for the RPS fix but both of these have now passed. 

Please contact us if you intend to be in Springfield and would like to lobby on these issues. 

On April 3rd we partnered with the Illinois Environmental Council, Sierra Club, NRDC, Faith in Place and a number of other environmental groups to push for environmental legislation.  Several hundred volunteers worked together to support various environmental bills including the RPS fix.  Those organizations continue to push forward with legislative conversations, advocating for SB103 and HB2864.


April 30th was our 2nd Annual Solar Lobby Day.  With over 60 registrations we quadrupled our head count in just a year.  Here's a quick summary of those results:


  • 63 Registrations (a 4x increase over 2012!)
    11 Teams representing businesses and homes across the state
    8 Senators/Representatives agreed to co-sponsor legislation immediately
    15 lawmakers agreed to seriously consider co-sponsorship
    Re-motivated bill champions to continue to push the bill to be called to vote this session
    60+ face to face conversations with law makers
    30+ materials dropped off for those we missed

We also hosted drinks on April 29th at Maldaner's.  7 legislators showed up with scores of our environmental colleagues to net work and celebrate clean energy in Illinois.  



Contact your legislators and let them know that you support the RPS fix.


We have drafted letters you can send to your legislator as a template.  

    The future of Illinois renewable energy and the benefits it brings to the state depends on your participation in the process. ISEA works to make it easy for you to raise your voice to ensure our clean energy future!

    For information surrounding who is currently serving you in the U.S. Congress and Illinois State Legislature, please click the link above or call the State Board of Elections Springfield office at (217) 782-4141.

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