Illinois Renewable Energy Portfolio (RPS) Standard Fix


RPS Current Status - The Illinois Renewable Portfolio Standard has been in place since 2007 and has been instrumental in creating many positive impacts on clean energy in state.  In fact, the Illinois RPS has: 
  • Created over 20,000 jobs 
  • Catapulted Illinois to 4th in clean energy production
  • Saved rate payers over $177M  in wholesale electricity cost
  • Generated $28.5 million in property tax revenue

The RPS is Broken  - The RPS is not working as originally intended as an unforeseen consequence to municipal aggregation. 

  • ComEd and Ameren's (IOUs) electricity loads have been greatly reduced because many municipalities have aggregated their resident's electricity purchase with competitive suppliers (also called ARES). As a result, ComEd and Ameren's RPS obligation has technically been met and they will not need to purchase renewable energy until 2018.
  • This shift also impacted the amount of money collected from the utilities for the Renewable Energy Resources Fund.
  • The ARES comply with the RPS thru a fund called the Alternate Compliance Payment (ACP). This fund has never been used to purchase renewable energy and is at risk of being swept.


The Fix is Easy


Through direct negotiations with the public utilities and alternate suppliers, new rules and guidelines have been established to generate this fund in a manner that will support the success of this program.  Significant support for this legislation is already in place with key stakeholders signing on. In addition, environmental groups stand strongly in support of SB103/HB2864 including the Environmental Law and Policy Center, Sierra Club, Illinois Environmental Council, Wind on the Wires, NRDC and many more.  Once in place, the revised legislation will allow the Illinois Power Agency to implement the RPS as intended.  This will likely result in a public auction for the sale of REC's.  Watch here for details regarding public workshops and your opportunity to provide input on the execution process.


This no cost fix will ensure that renewable energy will be built in our state bringing with it significant jobs and economic opportunities.

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