Solar Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I'm thinking of installing a solar energy system on my house or business.  Where do I start?

  • Start by viewing ISEA's Education pages.These detail the basics of energy, types of systems, their uses, and general financials, which includes current incentives.           


How do I find a contractor that can help me with this project?


Where do I find information about renewable energy rebates and grants?


Where can I learn solar installation skills?

What is a Distributed Generation Installer Certification?

  • A Distributed Generation Installer Certification (DG) is a  certification required by Illinois state law in order to install any type of energy generation system, such as solar panels, on a building or residence other than your own.


Where can I learn about the application process to become a Distributed Generation Installer?

What is a solar ambassador?

  • ISEA Solar Ambassadors are a part of our public education program. Solar Ambassadors are ISEA members who have had prior experience with the solar buying process for residential use. Solar Ambassadors host solar tours of their solar systems and offer presentations about solar per request. To learn more about our solar ambassadors, or to request a presentation from one visit the Solar Ambassador page.

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