Solar Economics: The Benefits of Hedging with Solar Power Webinar

  • 14 Nov 2012
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
The Green Power Partnership will host a webinar on "Solar Economics: The Benefits of Hedging with Solar Power."

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Aided by favorable financing terms and high solar incentives in many markets, large-scale and multi-site solar installations are leading to significant cost savings for customers. By leveraging economies of scale to improve the financial advantages of solar power, solar installations can lead to lower-cost energy that reduces current expenses and hedges against utility price increases.

This webinar will explore the broader U.S. solar market and pricing context and the decision-making implications for organizations considering solar. The webinar will feature a presentation from the President and co-founder of SoCore Energy, one of the largest solar developers in the U.S. serving multi-site retailers, Real Estate Investment Trusts and industrial clients.
Speakers include:
  • Blaine Collison, Program Director, U.S. EPA's Green Power Partnership
  • Pete Kadens, President and co-founder, SoCore Energy (ISEA member)
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