Building Green Chicago Conference & Expo

  • 19 Apr 2011
  • 7:30 AM - 12:59 PM
  • Swisshotel Chicago, Grand & Alpine Ballroom, 323 E. Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60601

Keynote address: Susan Hedman, Administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Region 5 Office in Chicago.

Building Green Chicago Topics
Energy Consumption: Track It, Manage It, Save It
It’s every building owner’s goal to reduce energy consumption. But how? This panel will show you how to establish an energy baseline and then how to shrink it. Measurement and verification aren’t just an academic exercise or a rote step towards recertification, but an essential part of a portfolio energy management program that will save owners and occupants millions of dollars over time.

Water Use Legislation: What the Pending Changes to the Illinois Plumbing Code Mean to You
A bill currently before the House in Springfield would change the game for residential water use across the state. More than 20% of the water we use in our homes every day is flushed away. But why use potable water in toilets and similar systems when a dependable, free option is available: rainwater. This panel will discuss this legislation and the opportunities it will open up for you in the residential market.

Waste Diversion and Deconstruction
Deconstruction is to demolition what landing a plane is to crashing it. Construction and demolition debris make up a significant portion of the total waste stream–as high as 12% in Chicago. This means that we are throwing away tons of usable, and valuable, building materials every year. This panel will discuss the strategies behind deconstruction: how to do it, where to put the materials and most importantly, how to reuse them in future projects.

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