Solar Chicago: Residential Solar Discount Program

 To sign up for a site evaluation please visit:

Thinking about installing solar on your home but don't know where to start or think its just too expensive?

Solar Chicago is here to help!

The City of Chicago, in partnership with World Wildlife Fund, have launched the Solar Chicago Program with the goal of reducing the cost of residential solar electric systems and increasing their adoption among homeowners throughout the Chicago metro area. Solar Chicago relies on two key components:

1. Lower cost: A discounted price achieved by pooling the purchasing power of the community, and an additional rebate that provides increased savings as more people contract for solar electricity on their homes.

2. Smarter decisions: A coordinated community education and outreach effort that engages municipal leaders, local employers, community groups, homeowners, and grassroot volunteers. 

Participating in Solar Chicago helps simplify the process of researching is installation options for your home, while helping the City and surrounding communities achieve local and statewide sustainability goals.

Here's how it works:

Here’s how it works:
1. Learn about the program.
Visit the program website to learn about the benefits of solar and how much easier and cheaper solar installation can be through Solar Chicago.

2. Sign up. Register with no obligation. Find out the latest news and track group milestones on the webpage, like how many of your neighbors have joined.

3. Schedule a site assessment. The program’s evaluation committee has already conducted a competitive bidding process, screened, and selected a contractor.

The selected contractor team of Juhl Energy / Microgrid Solar will help determine what works best for your needs and budget, and provide you a no obligation quote. 

Timeline: Homeowners have until October to sign the contract and lock in the savings the program offers.

Help Spread the Word: More participants means a
better deal for you (incentive rebate) and more clean, reliable solar power for the Chicago metro area. Please spread the word about Solar Chicago to your co-workers, friends, family and neighbors!

Workshops and other community events will be scheduled throughout this summer. For more information please visit: 

Participating Partners:   

Please Note: While Solar Chicago is being offered to homeowners in the Program area, the participating partners will not endorse the selected Installer(s). Any homeowner who enters into the Solar Chicago program does so in his/her personal capacity and his/her own risk and will expressly hold the participating SunShares partners harmless from any liability associated with his/her decision to participate in this program for services for his/her related projects.

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