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RE:  Solar and Wind Energy Rebate Program Budget

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I am writing to request your support for the Solar and Wind Energy Rebate Extension during the current legislative session.  SB###/HB### seek to extend the December 2015 expiration date for the existing rebate/grant program.  In 2007 the state instituted the “Renewable Energy Resources and Coal Technology Development Assistance Charge” with the aim to encourage small business development and adoption of small renewable energy across Illinois.  This self-funded program raises approximately $10m annually which is used to provide rebates and grants that will enable consumers to install clean energy projects.  This has created thousands of job opportunities while ensuring Illinois’ position as a leader in the clean energy sector.


Despite the steady growth of consumer interest, the solar and small wind developments are not quite where analysts anticipated they would be by 2015.  Pricing has dropped significantly since 2008 but falling electricity prices resulting from municipal aggregation coupled with a broken RPS, has slowed the wide spread adoption of roof top solar.  In addition, a slow housing market has limited lending sources for these purchases.  As a result, Illinois is falling behind the race to be a national leader in clean energy technology and was recently ranked #31 in installed solar.  As a comparison, states such as Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey have all created a robust clean energy economy; employing thousands of skilled workers while savings millions of dollars on utility costs.


Extending this program by just five years will ensure the program can function as originally designed, thereby supporting the small businesses who are installing these arrays and the home owners buying them.  The primary benefits to Illinois include:


1) Grow the local and state economy - Consumer energy dollars stay in-state.
2) Attract new businesses - Installers and manufacturers will see Illinois as a great place to grow.
3) Create well paid skilled jobs - Plumbers, electricians, and carpenters can go back to work with few training requirements.

4) Lower energy costs – Studies show renewable energy decreases overall rate-payer costs, saving millions of dollars annually.
5) Improve the environment - Clean energy is good for everyone.


Illinois is poised to excel in this field.  Thank you for your leadership in supporting SB###/HB##.




[Your Name]


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